Brand Consulting Services

Our company  offer the customer a look into his  brand and how it performs against its competitors. Together, we can help take a client from small-time player to powerhouse.
We  can  offer different packages based on the client’s needs. Explore these options to see what might fit you best.

1. Website audit

The  beneficial service our company  can offer is to perform a website audit in order to figure out what can be improved on the website of our clients in order  to help them achieve their goals.

Common on-site optimization areas our company ’ll evaluate are:

    Content pages that should be added or modified to match the intent of their target buyers
    Basic SEO optimization criteria like proper H1 and H2 tags, metadata, and image tags
    Proper compliance factors like a site map, terms of service, privacy, and contact information
    Identifying broken links or improper linking structures
    Irrelevant, low-quality, and duplicate content
    Errors of any kind
    Basic functionality like load speed
    User experience like proper navigation

2. Market analysis

Combining the on-site evaluation and the market analysis is an easy combination to sell. It’s very rare for people not to buy both if they’re positioned correctly, because how can you properly understand how to optimize your client’s website if they don’t understand how much market share they own, who their competitors are, and how much market share they could gain? More important, how can you optimize your client’s site if they don’t understand the intention of the buyers in the market? There are three basic components I like to package together under the flag of “market analysis”: competitive analysis, market intent, and online presence.

When competitive analysis is done right, you don’t just learn about who the main competitors are. 

Market intent.  A few places to quickly scan to glean market intent are:

    Related searches at the bottom of the page on Google. Google doesn’t list anything on the first page by accident.
    Market-specific forums. What conversations are taking place? What questions are your prospects asking?
    Hashtag searches on social media sites.

The online presence. The online presence is all about how prominent the client is online in his market across all areas that matter. Some of the things to look at are:

    Do they have a strong social media presence?
    Are they ranking well?
    Do they have a strong content marketing presence?

3. Keyword research

 Below are some useful tools to help you in your research:

    Google AdWords Tool

4. Content marketing

As a consultant, our company can resell a variety of content marketing services. Popular services include:

    Blogging services
    Content distribution across authority sites like LinkedIn, Face-book, and guest blog posts
    Press releases
    Newsletters and fliers

Content marketing is currently the driving force behind high-quality SEO. Things change quickly when it comes to marketing online, but one thing that has always remained constant is this: Content is king!
5. Video services

Video marketing is a very popular service.  Some of the popular aspects of this service our company ’ll want to brush up on are:

    YouTube optimization and marketing strategies
    Vimeo strategies
    Simple video creation tools like Animoto
    Whiteboard videos

Also we can create and   post online videos:

    Animated Whiteboard

6. Independent marketing consultations
We offer the following :

Field Channel Marketing
Field marketing involves working on site to connect with markets. As such, it comprises all marketing activities that involve face-to-face contact with the consumer.

For some companies, it includes coordinating large sales teams who meet with customers face to face, while others run street promotions and hand out flyers

Interactive Services / Digital Communications
Our company  provides its clients  with unparalleled SEO Services, e-marketing, Online Advertising and social media to help you grow your business --- At IMC ,we provide you a complete set of online marketing and the most advanced SEO techniques, E-Marketing & Social Media, Marketing Strategies, Online PR

Mobile Strategy

The  key point  to creating a great mobile app is understanding your business objectives and identifying the appropriate strategy upfront to achieve those objectives. We will support  you generate an idea by leveraging our experience and expertise to define an application. Our company will conduct a competitive analysis and user research to ensure your application strategy is best suited for your target audience.

Our skilled team of product strategists and UI / UX specialists work with you. We brainstorm ideas together so that your app will be aligned with your requirements and have the best chance of standing out in the competitive and ever growing app market.

Mobile App Design

Our company can create a visually appealing icon or splash screen for your app. We can also design your entire app for you.

End-to-end Mobile App Development

We work on all major mobile platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android . We offer turnkey app development services, from idea generation, UX and creative design, development, and testing to final deployment

We design your site providing you with powerful online tools that will build your business presence , to achieve your internet goals.

Our practices help clients succeed in a communications environment that demands transparency, rewards reputation and reacts ruthlessly when faith in either is threatened