Brand Representation and brand acquisition services

Our company offers a number of brand representation services :helping  powerful brands seamlessly expand beyond their core into  products and services.

Concerning brand acquisition our company offers a number of services : assisting manufacturers and retailers across all categories and tiers in partnering with exciting brands consumers   trust.

Brand and Trademark Licensing
We specialize in extending brands through the strategic and creative development of licensed products. Licensing is an integral part of the marketing mix and is a valuable tool that can help to build brands for the long-term.
Brand Representation
1) Strategic Licencing  Planning : having as  purpose  to arrive at a shared vision for the licensing program before prospecting begins. Our company has in its activities to develop a customized plan for each of its clientsas the catalytic  road map  will act as the foundation upon which the licensing program will be  built.
2)Sales prospecting :Our company  is  always in touch with the newest, best, and brightest products, manufacturers, and service providers in the market. having  a very big database of contacts . We also research everytime  every category of new business markets and products , understanding the businesses and priorities, and finding where the white spaces might be so our clients are licensed into the right categories and services, at the right time, with the right partners.
3)Legal Support : Our company has a number of quality partners that support the legal department of the licencing  services .
4)Product and Marketing development : Our company  focused on reviewing all product, service, packaging and marketing submissions to ensure that everything submitted is well-crafted, well-designed, and reflects the personality of the brand.
5)Retail Management : Our company having the knowledge of the market we can Understand how, when, why and under what circumstances to bring extensions to the marketplace can yield tremendous excitement we can find  promotional opportunities, or other initiatives, we can get retailers to buy-in for the long-haul.
6)Programm management :  We look for ways to activate extensions on the brand’s many marketing platforms so there’s consistent dynamism and excitement. On a granular level, our in-depth analysis and reporting give the client what they need to manage internal communication and keep stakeholders satisfied.
7)Royalty Collection :Our company collects royalties on behalf of our clients and communicate with licensees accordingly to that end. Our proprietary system reviews licensee performance against contractual requirements and thresholds to ensure payments are current and correct.
8)Program Analysis :Our compamany is  constantly assessing  all facets of the program to identify areas that are working, areas that need improvement and what changes need to be made to the strategic licensing plan.

Brand acquisition
1)Company Immersion : All the teams that cooperates with our company  immerse ourselves in a company, its vision and objectives , its background and history, in order to find what make its products , services   and capabilities unique so as to enables us to begin crafting the necessary sales and prospecting materials.
2)Brainstorming and benchmarking : in order to find the ideas that will make the product to penetrate in different markets
3)Tools Development : having the number od special tools and partners we can promote the brand in the more profitable way
4)Proposal Development : Our company makes proposals  including key business terms and are generated for each of the properties being pursued. Our goal is to always get clients the most advantageous terms possible.
5)Contract Negotiation : Our company having a number of cooperators specialised in legal licensing contracts  protects our client’s interests and ensures favorable business terms, (correct royalty rate, a favorable net sales definition, the broadest grant of rights as possible, the correct term, the right territories, renewal options, fair guarantees, and, if possible, exclusivity) reasonable approval, and licensor marketing support (e.g., promotion on brand website and in-store).
6)Program Management : We have in our list of our priorities to  continue to prospect for new brand licenses to meet new business objectives.after the deal signed continuing   overseeing development, keeping communication lines open, identifying any issues that might emerge, and participating in quarterly business reviews.